Snowmobile rental

Lapland’s snowy landscapes and rugged wilderness invite you to an adventure! Now you have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable snowmobile experience in the wonderful nature of Salla. Rent our snowmobile and dive into Lapland for memorable moments.

Our snowmobile offers you the best driving opportunities on Salla’s wonderful sledding trails. You get to enjoy the wonderful scenery and cut through the snow-covered forests at speed. After a quick drive, you can stop at the campfire site to enjoy steaming home-made coffee and delicious snacks.

Our sleds are top class, so you can trust the quality and safety. The new sleds guarantee that you can fully concentrate on enjoying the beauty of nature. Moving on sleds is smooth and the ride is pleasant, so you can unleash your adrenaline with confidence.

Jump on the sled and let the magical light of the northern lights guide you through the snowy wilderness of Lapland. In these regions, the northern lights shine particularly bright, and you get to witness one of nature’s most spectacular spectacles.

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Snowmobile rental opening offer valid for the snow of March 2024!


LYNX 23 Adventure LX 600 ACE

1,5 h 60 €
2,5 h 110 €
3,5 h 140 €
day (9:00 – 16:00) 170 €

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Rental conditions


Polaris 800 Indy SP

1,5 h 70 €
2,5 h 120 €
3,5 h 150 €
day (9:00 – 16:00) 180 €

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Rental conditions

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Apartment sleigh, 2 persons, with wood stove

1-3 hour = 50€
1 day (9:00-16:00) = 80€
1 day (24h) = 140€


Fjellpulke children's bra set

1 – 3 hour 25€
1 day (9:00-16:00) 35€


Fjellpulke children's sleeping bag

Sleeping bag
1 – 3 hour = 10€
1 day (9:00-16:00) = 20€


Trailander Huilakka, 8-person sled for sledding

1 hour = 10€
3 hour = 20€
1 day (9:00-16:00) = 40€

Trailander Shuttle Safari, with 2kW webasto heater

1 hour = 20€
3 hour = 40h
1 day (9:00-16:00) = 60€

Snowmobile safaris 2023 – 2024

Note! Snowmobile safari information is being updated!

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure in the wonderful wilderness of Salla! Snowmobiling offers you the opportunity to get to know the wonderful landscapes of Lapland.

Salla’s nature is incredibly beautiful and versatile. You get to enjoy the wonderful wilderness landscapes, the beauty of which will impress every person. With our snowmobiles, you can travel deeper into the wilderness and find the best sledding routes for yourself. Take a look around and you might see reindeer walking peacefully in the snowy landscape.

On the trip you will experience and see pure nature. We try to protect ourselves from the sensitive nature of the wilderness and make our trip sustainable. You can concentrate on admiring the scenery, knowing that our trip is planned with respect for the environment.

Together with us, you will experience unforgettable moments. We’ll set off by the common campfire, where you can enjoy local home-made coffee. In this environment, it is easy to make new acquaintances and share experiences.



  1. Ruuhitunturi
  2. Tervanpolttamalammit
  3. Porotila Aatsinki
  4. Lehtikorkea-Jaurutunturi-Vallovaara-Sallatunturi
  5. A safari tailored to the customer’s wishes
  6. Sleight rides


Ruuhitunturi’s sledding safari is suitable for first-timers. We visit the Ruuhitunturi cafe (open week 7 – Easter). When the cafe is closed, we brew our own soot pot coffees. Depending on the weather, we may go to the top of the fell to look at the scenery. The safari lasts approx. 2 hours.

1 person / sled 2 person / sled children 3 – 12 v.
130 €
200 € in total 60 €




Tarvanpolttamalammit safari is suitable for those who have enjoyed sledding before. The route goes from Sallatunturi towards Hautajärvi. Once there, we enjoy an excursion lunch with soot pot coffee. The length of the safari will be approx. 75 km and it will take 5-6 hours. MINIMUM OF 4 PERSONS ON SAFARIS

1 person / sled 2 person / sled
220 € 340 €


Reindeer farm Aatsinki

Reindeer farm safari for those interested in sledding and reindeer.
We visit Aatsing, a real reindeer farm.
We enjoy lunch and coffee offered by the reindeer herder.
You get to feed the reindeer and learn about reindeer care.
The length of the safari is approx. 70 km and takes 6-7 hours. MINIMUM OF 4 PERSONS ON SAFARIS



This safari is suitable for experienced sledders. We drive via Lehtikorkea to Jaurutunturi, where we enjoy an excursion lunch with coffee. The trip continues to Vallovaara and from there to Sallatunturi. The distance is approx. 145 km and it takes the whole day. MINIMUM OF 4 PERSONS ON SAFARIS

1 person / sled 2 person / sled
295 €  449 €


A customized safari

We listen to the customer’s wishes and together we plan an unforgettable safari that can last from a few hours to, say, a week. We can organize a Safari to the Arctic Ocean, for example, or an ice-fishing safari to the Swedish fells. Feel free to contact us and we will start planning one of the most memorable trips of your life.


Sleigh TRIPS

Sleigh trips with a minimum of 4 people, except for the apartment sleigh, 1 – 2 people, according to the agreement. We can offer sleigh tours with three different sleds. Trailander Shuttle on Safari, which is a 4-person enclosed sleigh with a Webasto heater. Trailander Huilakka, which is an open sleigh for 8 people, with reindeer belts as the seat cushion. Apartment sleigh, which is a 2-person enclosed sleigh with wood stove heating. You can also stay overnight in this sleigh.

We can organize trips, e.g.

  • Northern lights tour
  • Ruuhitunturi tour
  • Salla’s church village trip/li>
  • Customization tour according to the customer


Take contact!! Let’s plan a nice and unforgettable sleigh ride!