Snowmobile rental terms and conditions

The rental, reservation, and delivery terms of The Middle of Nordic Ltd Oy.

The rental price includes the snowmobile, driving equipment, and necessary insurance.

The equipment will be inspected and being photographed if necessary, to ensure the flawless condition of the snowmobile, as agreed upon by the renter and the lessor. The renter is obligated to monitor the warning lights, the functioning of the snowmobile, and immediately report any issues to the lessor to prevent major damages. If the renter’s negligence can be proven, the renter is responsible for fully compensating the repair costs.

Driving errors are always the renter’s responsibility. The deductible is a maximum of €2000. However, for minor damages, the renter is obligated to pay the deductible according to the actual repair costs.

The renter has the option to reduce the deductible amount by paying an additional fee at the time of rental. With an additional fee of €40.00, the deductible is a maximum of €950.00.

If a snowmobile is damaged or experiences a technical issue during the rental period, a mutually agreeable solution will be reached. The rental provider may not necessarily provide a replacement device, but the interruption will be resolved through financial compensation or a later rental. If the renter is responsible for the interruption and it can be proven that they have been negligent towards the equipment, the renter is obligated to fully cover the repairs without a maximum deductible.

Snowmobiles must not be driven outside of designated routes/trails. If a snowmobile sinks in water outside of the route/trail, or if the renter operates the snowmobile while under the influence or participates in a race, the renter is responsible for fully compensating the rental provider for any damages to the snowmobile and related equipment, including technical issues.

The renter is obligated to immediately inform the owner of any observed damages to the equipment.

Failure to do so will result in additional costs for the renter, depending on the damage (100 – 300€). The renter is obligated to return the equipment to the lessor at the agreed time and place.

A fee of 100.00€ per each started hour will be charged for any exceeding time.

If we have to come and assist in the terrain due to the renter’s driving error, the charge is 80.00€ per hour.

Snowmobiles are always delivered with tank 98E gasoline full filled and in 2-stroke snowmobiles, the fresh oil tank is also filled.

Snowmobiles are always returned with 98E gasoline and 2-stroke snowmobiles also have the oil tanks filled. Refueling can be done at Sallatunturi cabins and you can purchase the fresh lubricating oil from us. Failure to refuel will result in a service fee of 45.00€ + the cost of gasoline and oil.

Snowmobile rental includes: driving overalls, boots, helmet, helmet liner, and gloves.

Any self-inflicted damage, loss, or destruction of the driving equipment will be charged 100% of their value to the renter.

Snowmobiles always have 2 variator belts. If self-inflicted damage to the belt is detected, the renter will be charged the full amount.

Payments and reservations

Snowmobile rentals are always paid 100% in advance. The renter must have at least a T-class driver’s license and be 18 years old. We always check the renter’s credit history. If necessary, we also conduct a breathalyzer test on the renter. We do not make reservations over the phone, customers always come in person.

You can inquire about the availability of snowmobiles by calling:

Kari +358 505353623

Markku +358 403280497

Pick-up and return of sleds and equipment

Sleds and any rented equipment are picked up and returned to:

Katajapolku 3-5, 98900 Salla (Sallatunturi)

Returns must always be made to this address unless otherwise agreed in writing. If we have to pick up sleds/equipment from a location other than the agreed place, there will be a charge of 80.00€ per hour/person.

General instructions for snowmobilers

Driving a snowmobile can cause serious injuries, so carefully follow speed limits and traffic rules.

The permits for using the Forest Administration’s trails are not included in the snowmobile rental and each person must purchase the permits themselves.

The speed limit for snowmobiles is 60km/h on trails and waterways (ice) and 80km/h. Speeds may be restricted in certain areas with traffic signs. Special caution must be taken when crossing roads.

Driving a snowmobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and punishable by law!