Instructions for tenants

Panparksintie 8C, 98900 Salla

Instructions for tenants

Check-in and check-out
• check-in from 2:00 p.m
• check-out until 11:00


• leave the keys in use in the chest of drawers of the air cupboard and use one key to lock the doors (storage and entrance) and then leave the key in the key hider and mix up the numbers.

Forbidden things:

• Pets in the apartment
• Smoking indoors
• Accommodation outside the apartment, on the plot of the property
• Organizing parties and events
• Inappropriate behavior
• Loud life from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m
• Littering of yard areas


• The sauna has a ready-to-use heater, from which you only need to lift the lid and enjoy the steaming at the same time.
• If you need more steaming, you can turn on the extra heating, which will make the heater hotter and last more steamings. More detailed instructions can be found in the apartment folder.
• The Mitsubishi cooling device is only for summer use (no heating)
• You can dry damp clothes in the drying cabinet
• It is on the living room wall, next to the bedroom door
ventilation regulator:
left switch = minimum
middle switch = medium
right switch = high

Fireplace switch:

When you light the fireplace, press the fireplace switch to allow additional air
in the chimney to facilitate the lighting of the fireplace and the removal of fumes.
The fireplace switch turns off automatically.
Remember to also open the damper on the pipe.
You can order firewood in 40 liter sacks from us.
á 15,00€/bag

• Each room has its own thermostat that heats/cools the room through the floor.
• Instructions for household appliances can be found in the holiday apartment folder.
• When you check out of the apartment, remember to wash the dishes and take the garbage to the waste collection point, which is near the gate
• In the event of property damage, please contact the following persons:

Miia +358 50 5703931
Kari +358 50 5353623

General emergency number 112

Have a nice and fulfilling holiday!

Take contact


Call +385 50 535 3623